Losing connections midway is the most frustrating thing for anyone who’s streaming videos online, gaming or just surfing all their favorite websites.  While a number of times this happens due to ISP making some changes at their end, I have heard people ask me this same question number of times and how to resolve it: ‘my new router is dropping connections, what should I do?’ There is no easy answer to it however.

A lot of people just accept it as well and they do not try to resolve the issue. They assume that it was just something random and probably won’t happen again. However, let me tell you that losing internet connection every few minutes is not something inexplicable. There are several reasons for it and I have mentioned all of these below. With these issues maybe finally you’ll be able to single out why you are facing wireless connection dropping issue and this will make you stop asking ‘Why does my wireless router keeps disconnecting?’

Reasons behind dropping connections

There are a number of reasons which makes your wireless network unreliable and makes losing internet connection every few minutes a common occurrence. To deal with this, check out the below-mentioned reasons and see if any of these fits you. These are:

1. A lower range wireless router:

One of the reasons why the Wireless network drops devices is due to its low range and less throughput. This makes the device unable to share wireless network at such a range. When this happens, the device on the receiving end usually isn’t able to either connect and if it does, drops the connection as soon as it joins. Staying at this borderline will cause for a seriously unreliable wireless connection. The solution however is simple; you need to move the wireless router closer to the place where most of the wireless devices are placed. Another thing you can do to avoid losing internet connection every few minutes is connect powerful antennas to the wireless router instead of its stock antennas.

2. Interference by other electronic devices:

The electronics devices placed around your wireless router can cause some huge havoc. The reason being, the electromagnetic waves emitted by these devices interferes with the wireless network and the WiFi waves shared by the router. The result is a poor wireless connection riddled with a lot of dead zones and poor quality internet connection. To tackle this, you need to ensure that devices which interfere with the Wi-Fi radio of the wireless device itself are not placed around it. If possible, it is recommended that you move the wireless device away from such devices like microwave, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, garage door openers and many more, altogether.

3. A network with too many devices on it:

Many-a-times, the sole reason for your wireless network not working as efficiently as it can is due to the several devices connecting to the wireless network all at once. This causes the wireless router to lose all of its bandwidth to the devices and the shared internet will not let others enjoy the speed of wireless connectivity. The solution to this is not to connect several devices to the wireless network at the same time. Also make sure that if the devices are connected, only those with higher priorities are using the internet. Opting for routers that can prioritize the flow of packets from the internet can also help you in minimizing the said issue.

4. Connecting to Wi-Fi network with same SSID:

There is good possibility that you could be connecting to a wireless network with similar SSID as yours. How does this happen? And you could be thinking is this really the reason my wireless router keeps disconnecting? In a nutshell, yes, this can happen. A lot of users do not change the name of their network. This stock SSID and Passkey stays the same for certain models. This could cause your wireless device to keep connecting to different wireless routers with the same SSIDs. This can cause your wireless network to fade out every once in a while and not provide wireless connectivity a lot of times. The solution to this would be simple. In order to stop trying to find answers to the question: ‘why does my wireless connection keep dropping?’ simply change the wireless network name of your home router and this will stop your device from jumping connections every once in a while.

Thus with the above mentioned resolutions you can effectively halt your device from losing wireless connectivity every once in a while and you can stop searching for answers to the query ‘my wireless router keeps disconnecting’. If you have any other issues, you can call us on our toll-free number and our technicians will let you in on all the important information there is to know about wireless connectivity and how to make it stronger than before. You can also chat live with us.

My new router is dropping connections, what should I do?

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